Sunday, January 1, 2012

11 Things I Learned in 2011

Happy 1st of the Year! As we move into 2012, I wanted to share some of the important things I learned this past year. The New Year is a time of reflection, hope and ambition. We all want to transform our lives, in small or large ways, to be the best we can be. Before I can focus on my New Year resolutions, I like to reflect on this previous year and recognize how I’ve grown and what I’ve accomplished.

11 Things I learned in 2011

1. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.
2. You may never figure out what your “major” is in college.
3. Do what you love.
4. Friendships take work.
5. The importance of capturing memories…take lots of pictures!
6. Never stop learning. Absorb everything in the world around you.
7. Be kind to everyone.
8. Never get rid of your childish enthusiasm.
9. Don’t get stuck in your routine- try something new.
10. Just begin.
11. You can’t control everything, so don’t stress over small details.

I will also be posting my resolutions for the New Year shortly! What are you hoping to accomplish in 2012?